We care about what you breathe

We're combatting one of the biggest global health perils today: air-pollution. Today seen as the world’s largest preventable health risk, killing each year more people than HIV and malaria, combined.

The air we breathe

People breathe 15,000 liters of air every day. Yet, in many places around the globe, the air we breathe is harmful. Living in cities like Beijing and Delhi is comparable to smoking over 30 cigarettes a day.

Introducing the Urban Breathing Mask

Crafted for everyday use

  • Airinum has created a line of masks that aim to make it easier for wearers of all ages to stay protected.
  • Airinum's biggest success is that it managed to design these masks with style - producing something that urban dwellers would actually want to wear, instead of feel embarrassed about.
  • Airinum is leveraging on ergonomic design and new technologies to make respiratory masks more effective.

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